On Jan 23, 2015, Golden Wing Mau Agricultural Produce Corporation was invited to attend the Award Ceremony of 2013 Top 100 Private Companies in Baoan District and was ranked the Top 3. Golden Wing Mau is the only company that has won four honors including “Top 100 Service Company”, “Top 100 Taxation Company”, “Top 100 Private Company” and “Top 100 Export Company”.



Golden Wing Mau received the awards and was complimented by government leaders that “Golden Wing Mau has completed shareholding reform in 2014 and will enter Public consultation Period in 2015 and go public in three years.”

Focusing on developing a comprehensive fruit chain, Golden Wing Mau abides by laws and regulations and has established the business model of “Global Sourcing and Global Distribution”. Golden Wing Mau’s excellent performance in product quality, residual testing and import and export has won acknowledgement from relevant government authorities.

Golden Wing Mau is committed to becoming an excellent company that sustains China’s fruit industry and provides fresh fruits to customers. Golden Wing Mau will seize every opportunity to achieve a 10 mn turnover and make a world-class fruit group!

Golden Wing Mau ranks the third in 2013 Top 100 Private Companies in Baoan District