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Company introduction
Vertically Integrated Industrial Chain
Glory and Dream

Company Profile

Joy Wing Mau Group is the leading Company in China's Fruit Industry and the first Chinese fruit company that has achieved 5 billion RMB annual turnover. With the mission of “Better Fruit, Better Life” and the vision of “a world-class leading fruit company”, Joy Wing Mau Group is dedicated to introduce advanced fruit varieties and growing technology in order to provide the finest fruits and service for Chinese consumers, elevate people's living quality and promote the sustainable development of China's fruit industry.
Through 40 distribution centers in China covering 80 cities, we efficiently provide service to 5,000 stores and 3,000,000 customers. Presence in 7 first-tier wholesale markets, we distribute 1,000 tons of fruit per day.
We are applying for state-level kiwifruit and blueberry engineering technology center.
We have strategic cooperation with world’s leading companies including Bayers, Syngenta etc. We have established 50 demonstration farms in China, including 20,000 Mu blueberry farms(largest in China) and 20,000 Mu Kiwifruit growing bases(largest in China), and we have 20 modernized processing companies, driving the development of 1,200,000 growers.
We are China's earliest investor in overseas fruit industry. We have branches in South Africa and Chile and sourcing centers in USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Viet Nam, Thailand and Philippines etc. Owing to strategic cooperation with global leading fruit companies and associations, we build stable supply chain of orange, kiwifruit, cherry, grape and apple etc. Especially we are leading importer of Chilean grape and cherry and the largest New Zealand kiwifruit distributor in the world.
Aiming at the strategy of “global fruit value chain sharer”, we take on an open and cooperative attitude to establish a balanced business eco-system and provide service extending from variety R&D to customer service. We are committed to work with the best partners to build a fruit value chain ecosystem with the best varieties, best production regions, most reputable brands, highest efficiency and best customer experience. We create value, share value!

Corporate Philosophy


A World-class Leading Fruit Company


Better Fruit, Better Life


Hard Work Pays off, Create Value, Share Value

The course of development


Five Years of Entrepreneurship and Exploration


Five Years of Revolution in Predicament


Five Years of Progress with Passion


Five Years of Growth in Reflection


Pool the Ordinary and Dream the Extraordinary

In 1998 when people were immersed in the misery of Asia Financial Crisis, President Liao started with optimism to grab a chance for his fruit dream. Farsightedly targeted at the increasing fruit consumption, he recruited some ordinary but ambitious young men and established Golden Wing Mau.


Fearless and arduous

In 1999, despite people’s incomprehension, President Liao undertook the business with firm resolution. Some inexperienced young men feared not the difficulties and discrimination and sailed their dreams on a scraped coach.


Passionate and Daring

In 2000, youth is fortune and a fire. “Do it, do it well enough; do it, do it long enough.”President Liao’s words fired up their youth. With huge efforts, Zhang Jian and his team expanded the clients from private stores with several thousands sqm to booming global retailers, expanded the service from distribution to counter operation and expanded the markets from Shenzhen to Pearl River Delta. A group of young people were marching day and night on their road to realize a fruit dream.


Sincerity and Sweat for Confidence and Glory

In 2001, we worked with heart and soul and moved clients with hard work and sincerity. Within three years, GWM was elected as the Best Supplier of the Year among nearly 20,000 suppliers of Wal-Mart. Being awarded on stage with P&G, Coca Cola and other Fortune 500 companies, GWM was thus aspired to top in the fruit industry.


Giant on the rise

In 2002, acknowledgement from clients made GWM team more hungry about expanding clients and markets. Besides Wal-Mart, Trust-mart, Jusco, CR-Vanguard and Rainbow were all made clients, business areas expanded from Guangdong to Fujian and sourcing channels extended from China to other countries. The sales overtopped 100 million Yuan. Spreading out the market from South China to North China, GWM, a future giant in the fruit industry was on the rise.


Tradition-Breaking and Innovation

In 2003, as with the business expansion in South and Mid-south China, traditional management model began to stifle development. President Liao once again broke the traditional management model in fruit industry and established a division structure where clients were the source of profits. Once again, GWM surpassed competitors in management model, improved the initiative of employees and laid a solid basis for talent development and market expansion.


Fortune favors the diligent

In 2004, an outstanding enterprise must have unique spirit. President Liao, founder of GWM once again astonished the peer by sharing the stocks and profits and planted the philosophy of “Fortune favors the diligent” in GWM, another great move that dwarfed competitors.


Resist Temptation and Focus on the Industry

Success only comes true when you hold fast to your dream. China’s rapid economic growth has brought various investment opportunities and temptations, President Liao, however, held fast to his fruit dream, deployed his team all over China and moved steadily forward.


Modern Management and Steady Growth

In 2006, as GWM has established 12 distribution centers covering 35 cities, difficulties in management began to mount. GWM’s management made a bold decision to invest a million Yuan in introducing the controversial ERP system. The modern management tool greatly improved the efficiency, enhanced risk control and facilitated GWM’s growth.


A Decade Strive and A Striking Figure

Ten years of hard work and burning enthusiasm finally cultivated the flower of wisdom. In 2007, GWM was selected as the first of Top Ten China Fruit Companies by China Fruit Marketing Association. On the 51st CIES Food Business Forum, GWM was accredited by Wal-Mart President Mike Duke as “one of the representative partners growing with Wal-Mart China” and was awarded as “The Best Supplier” by Wal-Mart Supercenter and Sam’s Club. GWM has cut a striking figure in China’s fruit industry.


Indigenous Innovation and Buck-the-trend Growth

In the spring of 2008, GWM innovated its own marketing model with a sense of crisis. Joytree, Tianshanyihao, Xiangfeizhiwen, all these brands brought close interaction with consumers. Against the backdrop of global downturn, GWM people worked and pulled together and made success one after another.


Wave Breaker and Industrial Leader

In 2009, global economy was melted down by the financial tsunami. GWM, on the contrary, proposed to be confident, pragmatic and effective in forging ahead. In marketing and sourcing, GWM made daring breakthroughs and proved a leader in the industry.


Pool the Talents and Flourish in Future

In 2010, GWM put forward that the management shall rebuild themselves as fruit experts and advocated boundless learning to maximize efficiency and profit. A year’s hard work has resulted in outstanding performance that depicts the talents pool and a flourishing future.


Scale New Heights with Global Perspective

In 2011, President Liao, GWM’s commander, foresightedly introduced leading enterprises in global fruit industry as GWM’s strategic partners and raised the idea of global sourcing and marketing. Global fruit supply chain has offered us new impetus for development, global perspective in management and operation and enabled us to scale new heights.


Confident and Ambitious in Pursuing the dream

2012 marks the 15th anniversary of GWM. 15 years of trials and tribulations has made GWM an ambitious, promising youth who marches under the rising sun on the road towards dreams.

Gather Hearts and Strength, Make a Cause and Success

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